Lanterna Magicka comprises film-makers Louise Milne and Seán Martin. Currently in production, their film Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams, is a critical account of the great director’s relationship with dreams and the subconscious, seeing his films as a collective portrait of East and West during the Cold War.

This website offers a detailed archive of select research materials behind the on-going development of the project. The content revolves around an expansive body of interviews with people who knew, worked with, and continue to write about Andrei Tarkovsky.


Dr. Louise Milne lectures in Visual Culture at the University of Edinburgh, and in Film Studies at Napier University. President of the Traditional Cosmology Society and editor of its journal Cosmos, Louise is also the author of many works, including Carnivals and Dreams: Pieter Bruegel and the History of the Imagination, published by Mutus Liber.

Seán Martin is a writer and filmmaker based in Edinburgh. His books include Andrei Tarkovsky (Kamera Books, 2011) and New Waves in Cinema (Kamera Books, 2013). Together with Louise Milne, he directed the documentaries Lanterna Magicka: Bill Douglas & the Secret History of Cinema (2009) and A Boat Retold (2013). He is developing a number of new projects, including a documentary about the Scottish metaphysical fantasy writer David Lindsay. More information about Seán’s work can be found at